Kitty’s Claws: Velvet Bow Choker @ Premium Only Events: Winter!

Hey everyone, The Premium Only Events: Winter event is on! I have one offering for you: Something nice and simple. It has five velvet textures, controlled by HUD and can be resized using touch. It is L$75, so it is really reasonable and goes with just about anything during winter or even the rest of… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws: Velvet Bow Choker @ Premium Only Events: Winter!

Kitty’s Claws at Geeks n’ Nerds!

Hey guys! So the event has been going on for a little bit, however, my water bottle spilled water on my laptop’s keyboard the other day. I took it to be fixed, however, it was going to cost me roughly half of what the laptop is now worth! I had to wait for a new… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws at Geeks n’ Nerds!

One Week Left of Manga Fair!

Hi! There is only one week left of Manga Fair! Come and grab your all your kawaii goodies all in the same place!   After the event, these items will go into my mainstore and the Marketplace for L$150 and L$225, so come grab them while they are discounted! TAXI   ❤ Kitty

St. Tropez Event still going on!

Hi everyone, The St. Tropez Market is still open. You have until August 27th at 3pm SLT to grab the gift, after which will be retired forever. The jewelry sets will be moved to my mainstore and the Marketplace after the event! Here are the items again: TAXI Have a wonderful day! Kitty

Kitty’s Claws: Fantastic Facial Masks

Hi folks, I finally got these facial masks done and just released them last night (about 11pm SLT) on the Marketplace. There are three different masks, Mint Julep Refresh, Cassius’ Clay Mask, and Vanilla Power Scrub, for your Second Life skincare needs. The package also includes the cucumbers that are ready to lift the skin… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws: Fantastic Facial Masks