Kitty’s Claws @ Lovecraft Festival 2017

Hi all, So I am back to tell you all about LoveFest 2017! It runs from August 17th (so tomorrow) to August 27th. TAXI So it is an event celebrating the birthday of H. P. Lovecraft, the famous American horror writer from the early 1900s. He is known for his short stories about Cthulhu, the… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws @ Lovecraft Festival 2017

Kitty’s Claws @ Square1 Summer Sale!

Hi loves, I was involved with Square1 as a blogger, but now I’m a designer in the event! This round is the second Summer Sale, which runs today the 7th to the 31st, where designers put up an existing item up for at least 25% off. For the sale, I am offering my Velvet Bow… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws @ Square1 Summer Sale!

Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017

Hi, everyone! So the Aloha Fair is upon us and I’m in it! Yay! lol This time I am bringing you my new Tiki Room Set! It comes with a beaded necklace and carved tiki idol earrings! It retails for L$125, 50% off retail pricing!!! Direct TAXI to my booth! The event runs from today, July… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017


Hi, long time no see! So first, I haven’t been creating because of work and just generally crazy real life that I took a break from creating, and then from blogging. My creative juices have been pumping lately and decided to get back into creating items! I am in Aloha Fair 2017 and will have… Continue reading Updates!!!!

Kitty’s Claws: Velvet Bow Choker @ Premium Only Events: Winter!

Hey everyone, The Premium Only Events: Winter event is on! I have one offering for you: Something nice and simple. It has five velvet textures, controlled by HUD and can be resized using touch. It is L$75, so it is really reasonable and goes with just about anything during winter or even the rest of… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws: Velvet Bow Choker @ Premium Only Events: Winter!

Kitty’s Claws at Geeks n’ Nerds!

Hey guys! So the event has been going on for a little bit, however, my water bottle spilled water on my laptop’s keyboard the other day. I took it to be fixed, however, it was going to cost me roughly half of what the laptop is now worth! I had to wait for a new… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws at Geeks n’ Nerds!