Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017

Hi, everyone! So the Aloha Fair is upon us and I’m in it! Yay! lol This time I am bringing you my new Tiki Room Set! It comes with a beaded necklace and carved tiki idol earrings! It retails for L$125, 50% off retail pricing!!! Direct TAXI to my booth! The event runs from today, July… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017

St. Tropez Event still going on!

Hi everyone, The St. Tropez Market is still open. You have until August 27th at 3pm SLT to grab the gift, after which will be retired forever. The jewelry sets will be moved to my mainstore and the Marketplace after the event! Here are the items again: TAXI Have a wonderful day! Kitty


I am giving a tiny preview of my items for the St. Tropez Market Event that runs July 17th to August 27th! I created two summery sets (both include a necklace and earrings), one a starfish and a seashell. They are both at a great price, only $150 per set. There will be a gift… Continue reading Preview!