I am giving a tiny preview of my items for the St. Tropez Market Event that runs July 17th to August 27th! I created two summery sets (both include a necklace and earrings), one a starfish and a seashell. They are both at a great price, only $150 per set. There will be a gift… Continue reading Preview!

Kitty’s Claws: Spoon Me In Necklace

Hi, again! I just released my Spoon me In Necklace that was accidently inspired by the shape of spoons. I had a lot of fun with this necklace and I hope you like them too! The spoons come in two color packs, Enamel and Natural Stone, and have 9 chain textures (my standard 4 metals… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws: Spoon Me In Necklace

Kitty’s Claws: Lovely Lotus Fascinators

Hi everyone, I just rereleased on the Marketplace my Lovely Lotus Fascinators that were released at the Creativity Collective back in April. As the ad says, it is L$150 for one color (INDIGO or PINK) and L$250 for BOTH. They have a watercolor texture and are 100% Original Unrigged Mesh. xo, Kitty  

Kitty’s Claws: Rito Lunares now available 

Hi folks, I put up my Rito Lunares necklace up on the Marketplace last night, perfect for your rituals. The stone is carved into two crescent moons with metal wrapped stone beads. It has five natural stone textures and 4 metal options via HUD and has a resize script via touch. And like all my… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws: Rito Lunares now available 

Urban Geode Ring

Hey, folks, I have a new ring out on the Marketplace for sale! It is a ring with a colorful geode ontop. It comes in three colors sets that are controlled by HUD, with four metal options for wire and the ring. The three sets come in Natural Stone, Unnaturals, and Metallics, plus a Gimme Pack/Fatpack.… Continue reading Urban Geode Ring

Welcome to Kitty’s Claws on WordPress!

Hi everyone, Kitty Revolver here, tuning in from a random sandbox in Second Life! I am the owner of Kitty’s Claws, a shop for mesh women’s jewelry and accessories and I have been making stuff and doing artwork for Second Life since 2007. I am currently only on the Marketplace, but thinking about opening an… Continue reading Welcome to Kitty’s Claws on WordPress!