Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017

Hi, everyone! So the Aloha Fair is upon us and I’m in it! Yay! lol This time I am bringing you my new Tiki Room Set! It comes with a beaded necklace and carved tiki idol earrings! It retails for L$125, 50% off retail pricing!!! Direct TAXI to my booth! The event runs from today, July… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017


I am giving a tiny preview of my items for the St. Tropez Market Event that runs July 17th to August 27th! I created two summery sets (both include a necklace and earrings), one a starfish and a seashell. They are both at a great price, only $150 per set. There will be a gift… Continue reading Preview!