Kitty’s Claws @ Lovecraft Festival 2017

Hi all, So I am back to tell you all about LoveFest 2017! It runs from August 17th (so tomorrow) to August 27th. TAXI So it is an event celebrating the birthday of H. P. Lovecraft, the famous American horror writer from the early 1900s. He is known for his short stories about Cthulhu, the… Continue reading Kitty’s Claws @ Lovecraft Festival 2017

Single,Giftable Glittering Giftboxes Now on the Marketplace

Happy Holiday Season everyone! I placed the single giftboxes that I made last year for NouvXmas II onto the Marketplace in both the large and small sizes. They come in a wide variety of color patterns, perfect for any holiday you celebrate! The boxes are No Copy, Mod, and Transfer for your gifting needs! One… Continue reading Single,Giftable Glittering Giftboxes Now on the Marketplace

Kitty’s Claws: Lovely Lotus Fascinators

Hi everyone, I just rereleased on the Marketplace my Lovely Lotus Fascinators that were released at the Creativity Collective back in April. As the ad says, it is L$150 for one color (INDIGO or PINK) and L$250 for BOTH. They have a watercolor texture and are 100% Original Unrigged Mesh. xo, Kitty