Kitty’s Claws @ Lovecraft Festival 2017

Hi all,

So I am back to tell you all about LoveFest 2017!

It runs from August 17th (so tomorrow) to August 27th.


So it is an event celebrating the birthday of H. P. Lovecraft, the famous American horror writer from the early 1900s.

He is known for his short stories about Cthulhu, the tentacled Old God from beneath the ocean.

So for you, I have two new items up for you to get your tentacles on, a regular item and a gift.

For the regular item, I have Tentacular Presence, a mouth attachment that plays an NON-Bento animation. This is one, if not, my most favorite item I have ever made.

Kitty's Claws @ LoveFest 2017 - Tentacular Presence Mouth Attachment

It comes in my four metals and you can control the tentacles and the suckers separately.

In order to get the look of the vendor photo, you either must have a mesh head that plays an open mouth animation or use the system head expression gestures. For the hands, you must have mesh hands that have the sprayed look to them. Slink has non-bento hands that have the look so check out her static non-Bento hands (they also come with the Bento enabled hands).

Also at the festival is a hunt down in the depths of the sea!

I am offering my Cthulhucene Collar, which is a simple wrap-around necklace.

Kitty's Claws @ Lovecraft Festival 2017 Gift

It is named after a very famous Science Studies professor’s book, which I love to pieces. It also comes in my four metals and the suckers and tentacles are controlled separately as well.

Hint: The coral is blue because his friends are bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef.

Lastly, the items from the Aloha Fair are up on the Marketplace if you didn’t get a chance to grab them at the fair! They will be in the mainstore momentarily.



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