Kitty’s Claws for The Aloha Fair 2017

Hi, everyone!

So the Aloha Fair is upon us and I’m in it! Yay! lol

This time I am bringing you my new Tiki Room Set!

Kitty's Claws: Tiki Room Set @ The Aloha Fair!

It comes with a beaded necklace and carved tiki idol earrings!

It retails for L$125, 50% off retail pricing!!!

Direct TAXI to my booth!

The event runs from today, July 28th to August 11th!

I had so much fun making these items, so I hope you enjoy them!

The Fair is run by The Event & Hunt Forever Planners

In other news, I am in a new event in September and I thought I would give you guys an exclusive peek at the item!
I love that Blender’s path extrude tool is working, unlike in Maya and I have been looping and looping all day long! Can’t wait to finish it and then sell it!

That is all for now, but have a wonderful day and hope you stop by the Aloha Fair!

❤ Kitty


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