Hi, long time no see!

So first, I haven’t been creating because of work and just generally crazy real life that I took a break from creating, and then from blogging.

My creative juices have been pumping lately and decided to get back into creating items!

I am in Aloha Fair 2017 and will have more information about that coming up later next month about what I am making.

I will be making some mainstore releases in the coming weeks, but need to sort things out with my next job first.

Product Updates

So given the fact that Bento was released onto the market while I have been gone, I thought I would update my Beauty Marks and my Fantastic Facial Masks for Lelutka Bento given the designers have placed a tattoo layer onto their heads. Note the static mesh heads are NOT compatible with these appliers.

Kitty's Claws: Fantastic Facial Masks - NOW FOR LELUTKA BENTO!

The Fantastic Facial Masks have just been updated with the Lelutka Applier. The price is now L$50.


Kitty's Claws: Beauty Marks - NOW FOR LELUTKA BENTO

My famous Beauty Marks have been updated to include a Lelutka applier. While the other versions are tintable, the Lelutka ones are not. There is no tinting system in which to change colors so they come in standard black. The price has gone up to L$20.


That is all for now!!

❤ Kitty


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