Kitty’s Claws at Team Diabetes: Winter Showcase

Hi, everyone,

So I’m in the Team Diabetes: Winter Showcase, which benefits Team Diabetes, which is the Second Life charity group for the American Diabetes Association; there is more information at the link. The event is currently going on and runs until the 18th of this month!

It is a cause near and dear to my heart because my mom has Type 1, the juvenile onset, that causes the pancreas to stop producing insulin and thus requires shots or use of pumps to deliver synthetic insulin.

So I am offering a set of two wintery jewelry pieces, a necklace and an ear cuff.

Kitty's Claws: Falling Snow Set 100% Donation to Team Diabetes

The set is a 100% donation to the Team and retails for L$399.

You can also purchase the items separately, however, the money from those does not go to the team.

I also have some of my older items and I have my Kandy Kaine gacha out and ready for people to play their hearts out.

If you don’t want to purchase anything, I would ask if you could make a small donation to the fundraiser.


In addition to the Winter Showcase, I have an item out at the fundraiser for Perky Button, a fellow Plurker, who lost her house in a fire. She is alright, but she needs the funds to rebuild.

I am offering my Fantastic Facial Masks for the same price as the Marketplace, however, 100% of the donation goes to the fundraiser.

There are some great items for sale so definitely take a look.

That is it for now, be sure to check back in a couple of days for information regarding Premium Only Events: Winter!




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